Welcome to Eclipse and Our Personal Archival Service

What ever happened to that film of you at the beach when your kids were three? Where are those slides from your grandfather’s trip to Italy? And what about the video tapes in your company’s library? Odds are, your precious personal and business history is moldering in an attic or basement, unwatched and disintegrating.

Don’t let your memories degrade into dust. Preserve them by transferring your movies, slides, and outdated videos onto long-lasting DVDs. Eclipse Video has the ability to transform your old media into new, viewable images that will last for decades.

Preserve and organize video, film, and image collections
Your data—whether personal, professional, or business related—is too important to be left to decay. Audio, images, and information stored on floppy disks, Betamax tapes, and even cassette tapes are no longer accessible by most systems. Once your images are transferred to DVDs, you can view them through any DVD player or computer. Plus, DVD storage is more compact and economical—no more bulky boxes of film canisters and slides in the attic. It’s all on a small stack of disks. They can even be stored in a standard 3-ring binder.

The Boston Sports Museum transferred its film collection of old Red Sox, Celtics, and Patriots games to DVDs so that new generations of sports fans can now view the greats of yesteryear. Doctors at Children’s Hospital can now access important medical procedure descriptions on disk—the video recordings were beginning to disintegrate from repeated playing in a VCR. And countless individuals have brought us their one-of-a-kind films, recordings, and photos to be made into long-lasting CDs and DVDs. Let Eclipse migrate your irreplaceable information now—before it’s too late.

Eclipse Video: experience you can trust
With more than thirty years of experience and the latest video and film transfer technology at our fingertips, Eclipse Video offers a wide range of services to meet your every audio-visual need. From archive services to duplication, video transfers, and audio recording, Eclipse Video provides personal service and competitive pricing to individuals seeking to preserve their images and Fortune 500 corporations looking for a way to streamline their business.

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